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Revision rhinoplasty at Braun

Hello. A few years ago I got my primary rhinoplasty done in another cl

ㅇㅅㅇ 2019-06-19 3

God Dr.Kim's Facial contouring surgery review

Hello! I got 3 procedures which are 3D rotation lifting zygoma reducti

Jolly 2019-06-18 14

review of nose surgery.

Hello. The first photo above is my before. As you can see, my nose ti

vaery 2019-06-14 52

Review for Rhinoplasty

It's been a month and a half since I got rhinoplasty done. I was so st

Ll 2019-06-13 53

1 month after facial contouring and rhinoplasty

I am currently living in Busan. I was interested in facial contouring

Lee 2019-06-13 58

Nose surgery review

Because of my flat and ugly nose, I was so stressed out. When I saw my

honey bee 2019-06-10 60

Honest review of Inverted V Osteotomy

Hi. First of all, you must be wondering why I chose Braun. I've had 3

chichi 2019-06-10 54

Non-inc DES and ptosis correction review

My eyes looked sleepy and sharp. I searched for ptosis correction and

ho 2019-06-07 78


It's been 15 days since surgery. Everyone says my nose looks so pretty

Lim 2019-06-07 88

Review of Cheekbones and square jaw surgery

My cheekbones and jaw were a big complex since high school. However, m

Lee 2019-06-07 73

a month after rhinoplasty

I decided to get rhinoplasty and searched online a lot about it, Braun

strawberry 2019-06-05 80

breast augmentation

I was worried about the side effect a lot but now I don't know why I w

jarang 2019-06-05 76
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