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Facial contouring+rhinoplasty;godhand Dr. Kim Gui-rak and Dr.Kim Tae-gyu

I am so grateful to you guys, there is no way I can express it. I thin

hanbangminyu 2017-08-30 204

inverted V shape osteotomy chin reduction + removing zygoma screw(revision surgery)

Hi!! Three weeks have already passed since surgery! Actually, I did n

kimsegye 2017-08-24 216

Distressed boobs are now proud

I had my breast surgery 5 months ago. My breast was so poor compared

muzii 2017-08-20 188

rhinoplasty revision review

It's a picture before revision surgery. I do not know how disappointe

lee seongmin 2017-08-17 197

Dr.Kim Tae-gyu made me Dasom(sistar) from Park narae after facial contouring surgery

2 months ago, I had a surgery with Doctor Kim Tae-gyu 3d zygoma rotati

park na-rae 2017-08-16 190

Doctor Kim Gui-rak Rhinoplasty revision

I am really grateful to Doctor Kim Gui-rak, who helped me to correct m

Choi Hyoran 2017-08-09 212

Male square jaw reduction after 7months surgery(Doctor Kim Tae-gyu)

There were many muscles in the big skeleton, and the face type was alm

wook 2017-08-05 221

Natural Adhesion Method 3months after thank you!

Hi!!! Thanks to you, I found my favorite eye in Braun. I heard a lot

Mini 2017-08-03 198

I got my confidence back after breast surgery because of breastfeeding

I breastfeed my two daughters and my breasts disappeared. It was orig

Ddooimom 2017-08-02 194

It has been 1year! Review for Dr. Kim Tae-gyu facial contouring( jaw+cheekbone) surgery.

Hello ~ Just one year ago, on August 1, last year, I underwent zygoma

keseol 2017-08-01 183

Ptosis correction+Lateral canthoplasty+ 3D Zygoma reduction(Dr. Kim Taegyu)

I went to consult snow, nose, and cheekbone. I wanted to be bigger, a

Gogoomaggang 2017-07-30 197

3d malar reduction surgery

I got 3D cheekbone surgery at the end of March! Pre-operative photo.

kimjiae 2017-07-29 180
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